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Aloha, welcome to my feedback page!

I have pages and pages of positive feedback and tons of emails
that I'll be working on posting here.
Below is some of the kind words from my buyers...
What keeps me stoked and working hard to create
the highest quality and most beautiful
and original decorative surfboards
is the kind words and positive feedback
from you...

Thank you so much and with much aloha!

"Have bought several of your boards for my daughter's room - LOVE them. Definitely the best on ebay. Many thanks! Love your work!"

"Thank you so much. I am so excited to recieve this board. I am putting it up in my four year old sons room who loves Maui and we have taken him there every year of his life. He asks to go to the beach all the time! Thanks for the great board art. It is beautiful!"

"We purchased 3 boards in total all within a two week period and yours was the last one we rec'd. I must commend you on your craftsmanship on the board as it is far superior and cannot be compared to the other two boards I rec'd. What I like most about your work is that you clearly invest your time in a creating a beautiful product. The most apparent things I see that sets you apart from the other sellers are the fact that you ensure all the sides of the board are smooth, the board is coated with a clear glaze giving it a luminous shine, you sign/number the board and you even include a personalized handwritten card. That is just so FANTASTIC!"

"This is absolutely magnificant. This is by far my favorite."

Hi there! I'm just looking around eBay for things to turn my everything-Hawaii crazy 16 year old daughter's room into a tropical paradise ...and as I'm looking for a surfboard that I can use to make her a head-board - I come across your work. WOW! WOW! WOW! I can't believe the beautiful work you do!

Hello, I LOVE the boards!! When I fell upon them I knew I had to have one! My question is, can I request a board that you've made in the past? Answer - Yes, let me know and I can make it for you.

I am so excited. I am decorating a small studio apartment over there and your items would look great with the decor.

Hi, Do you have more of these? I would like 3 total. To place in my beach house to keep the beach towels off the floor!!!! Answer- Yes, I can make you some peg racks.

Love you craftsmanship and web site. I see the blue board available, but wondered if you have any others in different colors for sale? I would like to buy one similar and have it shipped to Kauai July 6th when I go. Answer- Yes, I can make you one!

Hello, The srufboard arrived today! LOVE IT LOVE IT!! Thanks so much, your work it absolutely BEAUTIFUL!! You have made a 8 yr. old girl feel like the coolest chick! She was so excited! Thanks again and I will continue to look at all your work.

Hi there. I have checked out your web page and I absolutely love your work. I found you on ebay and unfortunately, missed the chance to bid on the honu board. I am so disappointed! Do you think you will ever make another with honus? Thank you for your time and for putting out such beautiful work. Answer- Yes, I love honus too and will be making many more.

I was devastated that I did not win your Surfer Girl surfboard! Any chance you can make another using the exact same colors & logo design? We would love to hang it in our new Hawaiian themed playroom. Answer-Yes, I'd be stoked to make you another one!!

Hi, I recently won and recieved an "Aloha" board from you on ebay. My husband and I are just thrilled with it and think that we may want to add a second board to my daughters room. Is there any possibility that you would design a board with her name on it? I love all of your designs on your website and I am open to your artistic interpretation. I would however like it to be mainly pink and have a hibiscus to stay with the theme of her room.
Thanks again!

Received the board today and it is beautiful!! We will really enjoy it. Left A+ feedback for you. We will definately follow your other auctions. Thanks again- Jodi. Also, the personal note and autographed board make you as a seller even more unique and a pleasant buying experience.

Q-Do you sell alot of these wall art surfboards and if so can i order one just like this -aloha- one but different colors. thanks aaron. Answer- Yes, see my custom or for sale page...

thank you for getting back so fast.... actually, im bidding on 3 lol. i love them all and would take every one you had if i had the space. my son's room is done in a surf motif, and we recently just got back from our 2nd trip from maui in the past 8 months. gotta say, we almost didnt come home, and i'd love to find you next time and take some of these home!! lol mahalo!

Hi! Your boards are beautiful!!! I'm currently decorating my son's room in a surf theme. I really love a particular board that you sold in July. It's the 2nd board in you "Hawaiin Lei Series" according to the description. Will you be making that again soon? Do you make in only the shortboard, or can you make it on the longboard? Do you do special orders? Thanks so much! Answer - Thank you, Let me know which one, size, and shape and I will make it for you.

I recieved your gorgeous board this morning. stunning, and im so happy to have bought it and to have found you. you are added to my favorite sellers and i will be back for lots more. your card you enclosed, do you also paint? if so, id love to see and buy some of your beautiful art. please let me know. again mahalo, and hope to hear back soon.

i bought one of your boards recently, and am interested in buying a painting from you. please tell me where to look for your art. and please let me tell you how incredibly talented and beautiful your work is.

Hi, I love your work!!

Recd the board today. Cant believe it arrived so quickly. Its absolutely gorgeous! My sister and I own a lake house and its going to be perfect in the Hawaiian themed bedroom. Lucky for me its so beautiful since I bid on it without my sister knowing how much I was spending. But, when she sees it, Ill be off the hook!

Hi There! We just love your art work and particularly the style of this surfboard. We are having a baby in just a few weeks and we are looking for a surfboard to decorate our baby's room. We were wondering if you made a board with this same style in blues? Answer - Yes, I can make it for you in blue.

I love your surfboards. They are awesome. I was wondering if you ever have buy it nows available. I am decorating my daughter's room in surf decor and see that yours are the only ones that look so great. Any info would be appreciated. Thanks! Answer - Yes, buy it now on my website, menehunesurfboards.com

Do you have a full length picture of this board also you definitely have the best product on ebay. Thanks

Hi. I love your stuff! I am moving in about 6 months and will be doing a surfer room for my daughter and a beach playroom for my kids and will want to buy something like this and a few other items you sell. I'm assuming you'll still be making these then (my husband won't let me buy anything big like this until we move--less to pack up) So I'm wondering if I can get a hold of you then and do you ever take custom orders? Answer- Yes, You can custom order a board on my website, menehunesurfboards.com

I love your work, unfortunately every time I find one I must have, I am a bonehead and forget to watch and bid before the auction ends or I am out of computer reach. One of your beautiful boards would finish the room perfectly. I have seen others, but NONE of them even come close to your caliber of art work.

The board was awesome and fits perfectly in my son's surf room. Thanks for your prompt delivery! We are looking forward to more purchases with your company. THANKS!!!!:)

I love you work!!

Have bought several of your boards for my daughter's room - LOVE them. Definitely the best on ebay.

Aloha~~~ Really nice work! I collect all kinds of Hawaiiana, mainly from Oah'u. Love your boards!

left your feedback but i also wanted to tell u thnks. the board is going to look perfect in my kitchen. i have been to kauai 3 times and fell in love w/ hawaii and decided i wanted to decorate my kitchen in hawaiian decor. Their are tons of boards for sell on e-bay but I only wanted one from your studio because i could tell it was the best. So again mahalo!!!!

You do beautiful work!

The work on the your boards are just BEAUTIFUL. You make bidding hard to resist.

Thank you so much. I am so excited to recieve this board. I am putting it up in my four year old sons room who loves Maui and we have taken him there every year of his life. He asks to go to the beach all the time! Thanks for the great board art. It is beautiful!

Your work is beautiful. What is the largest board you are able to do? Answer- I've made a few 6 footers. Thank you, it is awesome! I bet you could sell a ton of these in California at the ------.

Thank you very much for the surfboard. It arrived in excellent condition today - the great packaging made it possible. :) We really appreciate your great service and product. Thank you for all your hard work and superb service. Our daughter will be so thrilled Christmas ... thanks to you.

We recieved the surf board today. It looks great. It was just what we were hoping for. Thanks for the quick shipping. Have a great Holiday Season!!

Aloha, I was looking on your website at all of the past boards you have done and I'm curious if you ever sell old designs directly to individuals. I would love to give one of your boards to my daughter as a gift (I tried to buy the blue Aloha board but was outbid). Please let me know. Answer - Yes, let me know.

Thanks and awesome work!!

If you keep making nice boards, I am going to be broke and will have to find a second job! Pictures will no longer be a fixture in my daughter's bedroom as it will soon be wall to wall boards. What's a mom to do? Anyways, we look foward to receiving the board. Thank you so much for another great piece of work. Happy holiday!! :)

Do you do any custom work???? Yes - Let me know what you'd like.

Do you sell directly via a website? Answer - Yes, menehunesurfboards.com

How can this be hung on a wall? Answer - Yes, they have built in keyholes that will hang on any nail or screw head.

Do you offer custom orders? I would love to purchase a peg rack like this one in different colors to match my child's surf theme room. Answer - Yes, anything you want, just let me know.

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